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STATUS: Just received my catering license and will start at farmer’s market to develop my skills.

New Rubs: 
Working to adjust the formula to make the dry rub shake and pour better with a new sugar. Also will be coming out with Lamb, light fish (White, Halibut…) , Tuna and Salmon rubs in the fall.

I changed the shipping system, and if you find the shipping cost is high(~20.00) please let me know. I may have missed your zip code in the system. Just send me email about the zip code and I will update.

Where you can find it:
You can now get my Pork, Poultry, Beef  and Wing(new) Rubs in Chandler at  Von Hanson’s Meats and Spirits.

Farmers Markets: 
See Calendar for times and location:


LikeToSmokeMeat is all about developing great Dry Rubs for cooking meat. My favorite way is Smoking the meat. I now have a line smoke flavor Rubs for those that want a smoke flavor but don’t have a smoker. My theme is “it should taste great without a sauce” and if a sauce is needed then something is wrong!

A several years ago I purchased a smoker at a fund-raising event. I starting smoking meats using off the shelf rubs and occasionally made some from cookbooks. None of the them really had that “over the top” experience I was looking for or had one distinctive flavor the overpowered the meat. So, I embarked on trying to create my own rub and experimented with combinations of ingredients. After 2 years of trial and error I created one that worked well and met my expectations. This became my signature rub for Pork. The base of this rub has become the foundation for most of my other rubs.

When I invite people over for Ribs they never turn down an invite to enjoy the dinner with us.

My family and friends suggested I should make this rub available to a wider audience. This web site is the start of an opportunity for me and an experience for you. I hope you enjoy it as much as my friends and family do.

If you are new to smoking meat see the help page on “How to Smoke Meat” this should really help you not to make the same mistakes I made when starting out.



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