Bryan’s Catering and Dry Rubs


– We smoke meats for sale from the Commercial Kitchen or at various events:
   – See events on left side panel.
   – Contact me for ordering and pickup from the Kitchen.
– Restaurants smoking service.
– Catering
   See my Catering Page for details.


I have two lines of Rubs: standard and smoked. The standard rubs work for any style of cooking. The smoked rubs are infused with smoke to add that little extra flavor for those that do not have a smoker. These are intended for the kitchen or grill. I will be working on new Rubs this year for fish. I am also working to adjust the formula to make the dry rub shake and pour better with a dryer form of brown sugar. I want the same flavor profile without it hardening up.


I changed the shipping system, and if you find the shipping cost is high(~20.00) please let me know. I may have missed your zip code in the system. Just send me email about the zip code and I will update.


LikeToSmokeMeat is all about developing great Dry Rubs for cooking meat. My favorite way to cook meat is by Smoking it.

My theme is “it should taste great without a sauce” and if a sauce is needed then something is wrong!

If you are new to smoking meat see the help page on “How to Smoke Meat” this should really help you not to make the same mistakes I made when starting out.