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Catering and Meat Smoking Service

We cater, sell at Farmer’s Markets, and provide a Restaurant Smoking Service.

Catering: The smoker is portable and can be set up to smoke the meat on site. Some meat is more easily
smoked a day before and then reheated in the smoker. This works very well with Pulled Pork and
Brisket. Other meats like Ribs and Chicken are better to smoke on site. We set up chafing dishes to serve
the food. My Catering events are listed on the left panel. I smoke the meat using Dry Rubs. To enhance the smoking process, I will occasionally mist the meat with a handcrafted mixture. I do not use a mop or sauce on the
meats. I believe the meat should stand on its own and the rub should only enhance the meat and not
cover it up! You don’t need sauce to eat these smoked meats. I do offer a homemade BBQ sauce for
those that just can’t do without.

Restaurant Smoking Service:  We provide a Smoked Meat Service for restaurants. The smoker would be brought
to your establishment. The restaurant would then provide the prepared meat for smoking. Smoking time,
temperature, and method would be based on your needs. We provide a discount on Bryan’s Dry Rubs if
purchased in bulk.

About The Smoker: The smoker was built in Texas where Brisket is king. The smoker contains two chambers: one main large chamber and one vertical chamber for use as a warmer. If two temperatures are needed, the vertical chamber can be turned into a smoker by adjusting an internal valve to cook at a higher temperature while cooking in the main chamber at a lower temperature. This smoker also includes a BBQ grill (charcoal based) on the left side of the main chamber and smoke can be directed in that chamber as well. On the back side I have wood, equipment storage, and a sink to meet health department requirements.

BBQ – Left Side

Main Smoker (left), Vertical Smoker (right)

Storage (Left), Sink (Right)

Firebox (bottom)


Product Prices

Prices will vary based on the cost of the meat.

Brisket $18.90 per pound

Pulled Pork $15.20 per pound  |  Baby Back Ribs $15.20 per pound

Chicken $10.00 per pound  | Shredded Chicken $8.80 per pound

Turkey $17.50 per pound

  Whole $17.00   |  Half $8.00 per pound
  Breast $7.00   |  Thigh $3.00 per pound
  Leg $2.25   |  Wing $0.75

  Whole $40.00 plus cost of Turkey   |  Breast $25.00  Thigh $10.00   | Leg $15.00

  Baby Back Rib $28.00   |  Butt $60.00

Personal Smoking

Brisket/Butt Whole $100.00 plus cost of Meat.
Pork Ribs/Chicken $50.00 plus cost of Meat.

Prices will vary based on the cost of the meat.

Brisket $8.80

Pulled Pork $8.00

Chicken $8.25

Turkey $7.00


I will smoke on site prior to the event. There is a minimum gross sale required to bring out the smoker. Contact me at info@liketosmokemeat.com to discuss.

Delivery/Travel Fee per mile $1.00

Minimum price/fee for on Site Smoking (Daytime) $200.00. Daytime is 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Minimum price/fee for on Site Smoking (Nighttime) $300.00

All prices subject to change, costs for smoking and site fees are negotiable based on total sales.

Restaurant Smoking Fees

Smoking fees:

  Brisket/Pork Butt (Slow Smoke) $125.00  Brisket/Pork Butt (Fast Smoke) $100.00  Poultry $75.00
  Minimum required

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