Smoking Meat and Catering

Smoking Meat

We smoke meat at the kitchen and is available to purchase when ordered. See the schedule for smoking at the kitchen. We need a 2 day notice on what you would like to smoke prior to my smoke date. If you are picking up to eat right away then I will keep it warm and at proper temperature for pickup. If you plan to eat at a later date then it will be cooled down properly for pickup the next day. Use the form below to request what you want us to make and I will send you a email invoice. Once paid will pick up the meat for smoking. We will call you when it is ready.

Pricing to follow, subject to change based on meat costs. The invoice will show current pricing.

Meat~Smoking TimeApproximate SizeMeat GradeCost
Whole Brisket (small)1212 PoundsPrime$75.00
Whole Brisket (large)1820 PoundsPrime$125.00
Chicken (whole)35 Pounds$15.00
Turkey (whole)620 Pounds$75.00
Turkey (Bone In Breast)38 Pounds$40.00
Baby Back Ribs (slab)45 Pounds$30.00
Pulled Pork (Shoulder)128 Pounds$32.00

To submit a request for smoking see the form below. We will contact you as soon as we can.

Select what you would like me to smoke,
I will keep the meat warm on the day of cooking it picking up that day. If it is something like Brisket or Pulled Pork they take hours to cook and may not be able to pick on same day.
Please list either pounds or quantities you would like to smoke.


The smoker is portable and can be set up to smoke meat on site. Some meat is more easily smoked a day before and then reheated in the smoker or at the kitchen before we come. This works very well with Pulled Pork and Brisket. Other meats like Ribs and Chicken are better to smoked on site. We set up chafing dishes to serve the food. Catering events are listed on the left panel. We Smoke the meats using my LikeToSmokeMeat dry rubs. I believe the meat should stand on its own and the rub should only enhance the meat and not cover it up! I do offer a homemade BBQ sauce for those that just can’t do without.

  • I will smoke on site prior to the event. If this is not possible then we would smoking at the kitchen and bring out the warmed food to the event.
  • There is a minimum gross sale of required to bring the smoker and do it onsite. Other limitations may be come into play here.
  • Delivery/Travel Fee per mile $1.00.
  • Wood cost per event $30.00. Additional wood types can be added like Cherry, Pecan, Mesquite, Hickory, etc. Depends on availability.

All prices subject to change, meat costs, and costs for smoking and site fees are negotiable based on total sales.

MENUItemPricingFeeds AboutNotes
Small Brisket (12lb)$75.0020
Large Brisket (12lb)$125.0030
Pulled Pork$32.0012
Chicken - Legs (per)$2.25Minimum Quantity Required
Chicken - Breast (per)$7.00Minimum Quantity Required
Chicken - Thighs (per)$3.00Minimum Quantity Required
Chicken - Whole$15.007
Pork - Baby Back Ribs$30.004 (1/4 slab per)
Sides (Pan)
Smoked Potatoes *$45.0030Honey Mustard Vinegarette. Can make others.
Roasted Potatoes *$40.0030Herbs Vinegarette
Potato Salad$35.0020
Marconi Salad $30.0020
Smoked Corn $2.001Minimum Quantity Required
Corn$1.001Minimum Quantity Required
Roasted Vegetable$50.0030
Baked Peach Beans$68.0030
BBQ Beans$52.0030
Black Beans$55.0030
Dessert (Pan)
Bread Pudding *$115.0030White Chocolate Blueberry Peach with Almond
Cobbler *$100.00 - $123.0030Peach, Cherry, Blueberry
Drinks (per)
Bottled Tea$1.251
Bottled Water$0.501

To submit a request for catering see the form below. We will contact you as soon as we can.

Items can vary call to discuss a particular recipe.
Please list pounds of meat. Normally around 1/2 Pound per person, that can change if you have multiple meats and manage delivery. Any special requests. Also the sides can vary.