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Pork Dry Rub Spicy

Pork Dry Rub Spicy


Pork Dry Rub with lots of flavor. On Ribs it can’t be beat!

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Pork Dry Rub Spicy

This Pork Dry Rub (Spicy) is a variation of the Pork Rub by increasing the amounts of pepper in the Rub. The more you use the hotter it will get. This has more sugars so it is very well matched with the sweetness of the meat. There are unique flavors that come from the spice mix. This combination plus hours in the smoker makes Ribs the king of any meal. No Sauce needed here! My rule is if you need to sauce for the Ribs then your Rub has failed you. I smoke a lot of Shoulder too and after 16 hours in the smoker this rub creates a fantastic bark and when pulled it creates many flavorful crystals which really enhance the flavor of a pulled pork sandwich. This Rub has a bit of kick too it.

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