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Beef Tenderloin:

  1. Marinate in a mixture of Whiskey 2 cups, Worcestershire Sauce (1/4 cup), Brown Sugar (1/4 cup), Balsamic Vinegar (1/4 cup) overnight.
  2. Tie up the Tenderloin into a roast of a even size along the length. If any length of the roast is smaller in diameter it will cook quicker.
  3. Coat with the Beef Dry Rub, brown in a skillet first, then place into the smoker.
  4. Have a thermometer into the meat and smoke until the meat reaches 138-142 degrees. It will continue to cook a littler after you bring it out of the smoker. I ran my smoker at 225 until I reached the temperature.
  5. Remove and wrap in foil and let site for 20-20 minutes or so before you cut into it.

Standing Rib Roast:

  1. Make sure the bone is cut off and the retied back on.
  2. Coat with Bryan’s Dry Rub for Beef.
  3. Place in Smoker at 225 degrees. (Put in thermometer to center of meat)
  4. Pull out of the Smoker when it reaches 135 degrees.
  5. Pull from the Smoker and place into a Pre-Heated oven at 400 Degrees.
  6. Cook until 140 degrees.

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