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PORK Cooking and Recipes:

The definition of Done used on this page has the meaning as follows: Pork has to reach at least 170 degrees to complete the safe cooking process.

Pork Loin

Coat with the rub, wrap and refrigerate for 20 minutes. If using a smoked Rub then increased the time to several hours. Remove from refrigerator and lightly it dust again and spray with Olive oil.


Oven Cooking
First brown on stove then put in the oven coverer and cook until Done.

Smoke 3-6 hours at 225 until Done. It will turn almost black.

Pork Chop

Just Rub the Pork Chops with Bryan’s Dry Rub. Cook in a skillet/grill until Done. Adds a nice flavor to the Pork Chop.


Apply a heavy coat of Rub.


Oven Cooking
Cover and cook for several hours at 350 or until tender. Remove cover for the last 30-60 turn charred.

Smoke 12-16 hours at 225 until done. It will turn almost black but it is not burnt!

Crock Pot:
Put in a couple of cups of your favorite BBQ sauce. Add the Shoulder and cook until done. (From my friend Melissa)


Coat with rub, wrap and refrigerate for 20 minutes. Dust again and spray with Olive oil, THEN Oven: Place the Ribs in a pan with 1/4 cup of Apple Juice. Cover pan with Aluminum Foil and tightly seal. Cook for 2 hours 225 and check. Test every hour afterwards until tender. The bone tips will turn white and the meat will be easy to lift with a fork. Once done, remove and dust again with the rub and then grill until charred. No sauce needed here. Or Smoker: Smoke 4-5 hours at 225 until done/tendor. Check for the meat pulling away from the bone. It will turn almost black but it is not burnt!

Bob from Tempe: (What he did using his Traeger when cooking his St. Louis style ribs)
Marinate the Ribs in Apple Juice or Cider. Then dry and coat with rub and wrap in plastic. Refrigerate 20 minutes then remove and dust again. One hour in the smoker at 180, then 2 hours at 225.  He said they were perfect outcome. However depending on how big the ribs are time may vary.

Other suggest 3,2,1
3 hours in the smoker unwrapped, 2 hours wrapped in Aluminum foil to generate steam (temperature must be high enough to cause steam). I add a little apple juice. Then 1 hour unwrapped with sauce to create the bark. However you don’t need sauce with my Rub. You could also use the grill to crisp up the outside.


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