Spices Blended to Complement the Meat


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Coat chicken with rub, and spray with Olive oil, THEN

Cook in Oven, Barbeque or Smoker until done. Cook only until the temperature inside the Chicken reaches 165- 170.

If you are smoking Chicken it is best to brine it first.


  • I like to use Drumettes but any Chicken pieces work.
  • Place then into a Plastic Bag, Toss with Rub, let it sit for 1 hour in the refrigerator.
  • Spray with Olive oil.
  • Cook in Oven or Smoker until done. Remove then Barbeque until surface is crisp or slightly charred.
    • If in the oven cover in pan to reduce moisture loss. Maybe add a little water, apple juice to pan.
    • But finish on the Grill

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